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The ABM was born in the beginning named APROMESP(São Paulo State of Macadamia Producers Association),during the realization of the first Event of Macadamia, the growers realized in Dois Córregos, on October 20 in 1990. Participated of this event over than 150 people that came from the Estates of MG, RJ, GO, SP, PR, BA and ES. Were presented discourses by Brazilians and international specialists like Mr. Philip from Hawaii. During two days happened suggestions for the creation of a Growers Association that could help in physical, technical and commercial development of the culture. So was created the APROMESP and was elect the first president Mr. José Eduardo Mendes Camargo, grower of macadamia in Dois Córregos.

President from 1990 until 1994( 2 orders), José Eduardo realized several annual events always depending with the presence of international specialists from Hawaii, Australia and South Africa, created partnerships with government institutes always giving priority for the development of the culture in Brazilian solo.

In 1995 José Sales Cunha grower from São José do Rio Preto, was elect president of APROMESP. Following the same direction of development and expansion of the culture of his antecessor, organized several events of producers and developed partnerships between APROMESP and UNESP São José do Rio Preto. The Association was directed until 1998 ( 2 orders).

Acting like a technical counsel of APROMESP since the foundation, Pedro Luis Biasi de Toledo Pisa, was elect president to act from 1999 until 2000. In this time, above the organization of the traditional events, publications of trimestral and informative bulletins, brought to Brazil Mr. John Wilkie, Australian technician and specialist in macadamia. Both visited the biggest growers of macadamia, in that time, that were in Bahia, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais e São Paulo. With the results of the technical visits and recommendations of Mr. Wilkie, the production and the quality of the national product increased in a considerable way. Invited by the organization, Pedro Luís represented Brazil in the I World- Wide Symposium of Macadamia in South Africa in 1999. . In this time created an international group to became the production of macadamia in the world normative.

For 2001-2002 was elect Mr. João Paulo Leiva, grower from Manduri ( São Paulo State). Organized national events and published informative bulletins. Organized the arrival of South African technician Phillip Lee, manager of Macadamia association from knowledge of the production in South Africa.

After meetings to up- to- date the basis of the association, in 2003, was organized a voting for 2003/2004.Again was elect José Eduardo Mendes Camargo. Beside of all this custom activities of APROMESP, he represented Brazil in a III International Symposium of Macadamia in Australia in 2003.In this time, because of the increase of the productivity and quality of Brazilian macadamia, our country was invited to realize the III International Symposium of Macadamia Nut foreseen to 2006. These international events depends of the participation of researchers, growers, processors and customers of world wide, being fountain of advertising and enlargement of international business of the countries that received the Symposium. Still in 2003 he organized the I Brazilian Symposium of Macadamia, depending of speakers from EMBRAPA, IAC, CATI, UNESP and specialists of macadamia from Brazilian industries.

Considering the opportunities of international cooperation, Mr. Wesley Bomono, proposed during the II National Meeting in 2004 the foundation of Brazilian Association of Macadamia Nut- ABM, compounded by all of the sectors involved in agro-business of macadamia in Brazil. Once approved for unanimity The ABM was born in January, 2005 and José Eduardo was elect the president for 2005/2006.

Nowadays, the ABM is organizing the III International Symposium of Macadamia that will be in Águas de São Pedro(SP) in August, 2006.We estimate over than 1000 foreign representing about 12 countries that produce, process and consume the macadamia nut.




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